Ages 6 - 18

Blue Lake Camp is pleased to announce our Inclusion Program.  This program has been designed to offer children with physical and or developmental disabilities an opportunity to participate in Summer Camp programs. With the support of an inclusion counselor and enthusiastic camp staff, your child can enjoy a wide variety of fun and positive experiences this summer. 

Our focus at camp is is outdoor science and recreation.  Through our programs, campers learn about our natural environment in a way that makes exploring the world inspiring and interactive.  Traditional camp activities such as swimming, canoeing, hiking, skit nights, arts and crafts, games and campfires are all part of the fun.

Campers are given time and support to complete tasks that have been broken down and presented into logical sequences.  We promote social skills, communication skills and self-help skills.  With staff mentors, campers are supported to follow daily routines from group games, to meal times and cabin clean up.

Camp is the perfect place to make new friends and develop important language and social skills.  At Blue Lake, campers have the opportunity to experience the joy of being a valued member of a group.  We emphasize creativity, imagination and adventure in a safe, fun-filled atmosphere designed to encourage growth and development of self-confidence.



If your camper requires a caregiver to be present during the camp, we will provide all caregivers with a 50% discount off the regular camp fee.  Caregivers will sleep in the same cabin as campers and will be able to tag-a-long with all activities.  If parents wish to attend with their camper as support for their child who has special needs, they will also receive the caregiver rate. Please contact our office for instructions on how to register with your camper as a caregiver, 250-426-3676. 

registration process

Visit our Summer Camp page for more information about our programs and to register your camper. If your camper requires a caregiver, please contact our office for instructions on how to register the caregiver, 250-426-3676. 

Autism BC Funding

Please find Autism Funding information here. If you are pursuing this funding to send your child to camp, please follow the steps on the Autism BC website. Once you have done that, go ahead and register your child for Blue Lake Camp online here. When you receive your authorization letter from Autism BC, it is important that you contact the Blue Lake Camp office and let us know that your child is authorized to attend camp. Once we hear from you, we will submit an invoice to Autism BC for payment.