Columbia Outdoor School educates youth and adults to broaden perspectives, develop science literacy and foster appreciation for engaged citizenship. We accomplish this through fun, meaningful and collaborative learning experiences in the natural environment that incorporate biased balanced scientific inquiry, leadership development, civic engagement and academic rigor. 


By 2025, Columbia Outdoor School will reach beyond it's outdoor education campus to bring high quality science and sustainability programming and experiences to diverse communities in Western Canada and beyond. Operating the Blue Lake Camp and an interpretive centre at Idlewild Park in Cranbrook, the society envisions enhanced program offerings, increased community partnerships and collaborations and broader funding opportunities. The Society will be recognized as leaders in science and outdoor education and certification, partnership development and community engagement. 


We change lives. It's a lofty claim, but we know that people are impacted throughout their experiences with Columbia Outdoor School. Our lives have been transformed and we inspire others to reflect, grow and change as well. 

We foster open, honest relationships. We care about each other and those we serve and strive to be approachable, friendly, and authentic in all interactions. We believe that being mindful leads to higher levels of professionalism and instills trust.

We strive for excellence.We maintain higher expectations for ourselves and seek challenges for the betterment of those we serve. We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and incorporate innovative ideas into our programs. 

We find joy in teaching and learning.We live our mission and bring fun and laughter to everything we do, every day. We're academic, but far from boring. 

We ask questions and seek solutions. We inspire critical thinking in each other and those with whom we work. By presenting topics and issues in a bias balanced way, we provide tools to learn how to think, not what to think. 

We are accountable. The numbers are equally as important as the mission. Transparency is critical and we keep a close eye on financial success.