Set the tone in your classroom. Leadership programs inspire teamwork, communication, and confidence. Together we learn skills that will last a lifetime. Our educators can bring their skills and materials to your school or you can bring your class to Blue Lake Camp.

Columbia Outdoor School provides educational programming focusing on outdoor skill development, environmental science and leadership. We accomplish this through fun, meaningful and collaborative learning experiences in the natural environment. 


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Challenge Program

The Challenge Program is an activity- based group program specifically designed by Youth Centres Canada, supported by Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion to engage youth in activities that stimulate and develop problem solving, decision- making and personal skills that position them better to make informed choices that affect their lifestyle and wellbeing.

Students are encouraged to apply the skills they learn to everyday situations. The challenges are fun and resemble light- hearted games and activities. The activities provide opportunities for the students to problem solve and strategize and are followed by a structured debrief session that gives everyone in the group a chance to talk about their experience and listen to others’ experiences.

Location: At your school.

Dates: 3 sessions, 3 times a week, 3 weeks.

Cost: $900 per class.

Classroom Leadership

Our staff can cover any of these goal specific topics. Select three of the following:

  • Group Dynamics

  • Common Ground Activities

  • Problem Solving

  • Decision Making

  • Communication skills

  • Public speaking

  • Self- Esteem

  • Leadership skills development

  • Capacity building in classrooms

  • Reduction in Social isolation

  • Risk Awareness

Location: At your school.

Dates: 1.5 hour, half day, full day.

Cost: $90, 1.5 hour. $225, half day, $325, full day.

Low Ropes & Initiatives

A series of fun, progressively more challenging situations or physical “puzzles” foster creative communication, shared leadership, and group cohesion. The activities are highly unique and engaging, designed to develop trust, problem solving, and collaboration skills. Initiatives are tailored for individual groups to be age- appropriate and specific to group dynamics. There are 6 low ropes challenges, each taking approximately one hour to complete and many varieties of other initiatives, each taking approximately one hour including a debriefing session.

Sessions can be tailored to meet your classrooms’ specific needs, such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving.

Location: Blue Lake Camp

Dates: Year round. One Day.

Cost: $25 per person. Minimum 20 people.


We can customize programming based on your area of interest or needs. Contact us for more information. 

How to Book

For more information or to book, contact us at 250-426-3676 or