With close to 40 years of operations and thousands of youth attending and working at the centre, we have a strong supportive alumni group. Watch here for coming events, reunions, and more information or contact us below.

2017 marks the official 40th year anniversary for Blue Lake and we have many things planned to celebrate the many thousands of youth who have attended and experienced the wonder of Blue Lake.  Staff are the main stay of our operations and are what brings smiles to the faces of the campers who attended, and we are so proud to have you as part of the Blue Lake Family.  

August 4-6, 2017 will mark our second Staff Alumni Reunion.  Remember Kingaroo always told us that we all leave a little bit of ourselves at Blue Lake and that is what makes it such a special place, all of our hearts, passion, caring, practial jokes and laughs! The Alumni weekend is a chance to reconnect with our old camp freinds and to meet the new generation of family!  

Camp will be available for our Alumni to hang out, relax and enjoy Blue Lake again for the weekend.  It is a bring your own food and refreshments event, and we will have a potluck dinner on the Saturday night.  Blue Lake will provide the protein!  Salem has agreed to help organize the potluck and she has also agreed to bake us a cake!  

Cost is just $25 for each Alumni and you are welcome to bring your family with you.  More information will be forwarded through our Alumni facebook page as well as direct emails to everyone who registers.  

On Thursday August 3rd, past Alumni and their families are welcome to join us for Kingaroo for week 4.  Only problem is we will not have any available cabins for you to sleep in but we will accommodate trailers, tents and we always have lots of ground space for you to roll out the sleeping bags!  

Spread the word to all past staff that you have connections with and join us on the weekend in August.  

To register for the reunion and keep in the loop of what is going on, you can register on line by clicking the link!

Hope to see you there



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